There’s good music and great live performances. And then there’s THIS:

That moment happened five days before I was born. So I can honestly say that those eight minutes are some of the best eight minutes of live music the world has seen in my lifetime.1 In my life, I have seen some of the greatest artists perform, but MJ isn’t one of them. I missed out on the Dangerous Tour in ’92 (too young) and the HIStory Tour four years later (too stupid, I guess), but on my wall there’s a ticket for the supposed-to-be second show of the This Is It Tour. We all know why it’s hanging there unused.2 I can go on for days about those missed chances but I’m not going to. I’m just here to say I’ve just seen Spike Lee’s great documentary on Michael’s Thriller follow-up. And if you haven’t already, you should go watch it immediately. With contributions ranging from almost everybody who worked with Jackson on making Bad (Bruce Swedien, Quincy Jones), to today’s hit-makers (Kanye, Mariah) it captures the legacy of Bad pretty good. So, if you were busy on Thanksgiving, check out the one hour of greatness, that is Michael Jackson’s Bad:


  1. I can’t be COMPLETELY sure, considering those five days of course
  2. Watching This Is It on a big screen and not in the O2 Arena was one of my most painful experiences ever. Just sitting there and realizing how great it all would have been and what I was missing out on. Too painful to talk about, actually.


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