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June, 18th marks the day of not one, but two long anticipated rap albums. One is the follow-up to maybe the most critically acclaimed rap album from the past ten years, the other is the second album from Roc Nation’s first-signed artist: J. Cole. 




Going up against Kanye West seems, from a marketing point-of-view, like a stupid move. But the competitive Cole decided to move his release up, to go head-to-head with rap’s crazy genius. There’s no doubt that Yeezy will outsell J. Cole by more than a couple of albums, but there’s absolutely no shame in that. Just look at the promotion: while Cole chooses the ‘old-fashion’ route -dropping mixtapes, singles and doing a short tour– Kanye goes world-wide guerilla with his projections of New Slaves all over the world.

Today, J. Cole will stream his album one time, and one time only on certain locations in eight cities. You can check out the exact coordinates on his blog, but this promo move will only reach a few hundred people. For those who are unlucky enough to not live anywhere near these cities, we’ll have to do with the track list and wait until June, 18th.

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