JoJo has signed a new deal with Atlantic Records, leaving seven years of trouble with her previous label -Blackground Music- behind. The singer filed a suit last July, in which she stated the label held her hostage for most of the time since the release of her last album, The High Road in 2006.

JoJo, born Joanna Levesque, scored multiple hits before turning sixteen. Leave (Get Out), Baby It’s You and Too Little Too Late all hit the charts, but it wasn’t a recipe for future succes. After releasing her sophomore album The High Road in ’06, things get darker. Since then, JoJo released a couple of songs, none of which were officially released. Most notable was the track Demonstrate, produced by Drake-collaborator Noah ’40’ Shebib and the mixtape Agape.1  

According to the LA Times, JoJo already signed a deal with Atlantic Records last month. I’m ready for new music from the grown-up singer. If Demonstrate is a hint of where she’s going with her new music, we’re in for a treat. Till then, JoJo stars in G.B.F., a Darren Stein-directed comedy, which will hit theatres this Friday.

  1. For more on JoJo’s wobbly road to succes, read this 1000+ words piece about her.


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