Solange made quite an impression with her True EP last year. The 80’s disco/soul/dance/funk meant a new direction for the singer, and it’s leading to a good place. For most people she’ll always be Beyonce’s lesser known sister, but her show in Amsterdam was sold out in less than 30 minutes. So she must be doing something good.

From the first notes of Never Seem to Fucking Work, it was clear this was going to be a good night. The crowd, which looked like it only consisted out of hipsters1, responded well to the enchanting voice of Miss Knowles. Solange brought a more-than-capable band, with two background singers whose voices blended perfectly with the voice of the star of the night. Solange worked her way trough every song of True, which literally seemed to cause no sweat, even though it was pretty warm in the small venue2. The ease and coolness with which she sang her songs was incredible. Every note and every move felt right and added to the already perfect picture of retro-hipness.

Solange Amsterdam - creative dream.jpg

Most of Solange’s older material wouldn’t really fit in a show where True is the most important ingredient. Luckily, Solange knows exactly what she’s doing and chose all the right songs to extend her set-list to an acceptable playtime.3 From Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams she performed Sandcastle Disco, T.O.N.Y. and Dancing in the Dark. The decision to skip I Decided, the lead single of that album, is only one of the many indicators that Solange has moved from soulful pop to danceable indie-funk.

Surprisingly, the show didn’t end with the biggest ‘hit’ from Solange’s latest album, but with a cover of Selena’s I Could Fall in Love. It was the only strange choice of the night. Even though the song itself wasn’t the problem (it fitted perfectly with the rest of the set), you could feel the energy of the crowd fade after her performance of Losing You. You can’t top that song, especially when you sang the song while dancing with your cute son on stage. You just can’t. I mean look at it:20130120-201303.jpg

  1. Really, I’ve never seen so many guys with beards and glasses in one place.
  2. The show was at Bitterzoet. You could say that Bitterzoet is to Paradiso what Solange is to Beyonce; less known, less mainstream, but pretty good and more popular with hipsters
  3. It takes only 28 minutes to listen True from beginning till end and that would be a pretty short gig. Even though tickets were incredibly cheap, that would have been a total let-down. I’m glad she decided to double that playtime.