Canadian singer The Weeknd released his latest video, Belong To The World, in anticipation of his upcoming album Kiss Land. But the track is not making everyone happy. Portishead instrumentalist Geoff Barrow claims on Twitter that The Weeknd used a Machine Gun sample without permission.

“I think it’s a load of bollox. When someone asks to sample you and you refuse they should have the respect as a fellow artist to not use it.”, he writes on Twitter. He claims it’s not about money, but respect: “We usually give sample clearance to tunes we like. its got fuk all to do with money! As most of them are hiphop artist that are skint. I don’t wanna get paid… I just want my beat back.” No official reaction from Abel Tesfaye, but Barrow seems to have more info: “Seems The Weekend  have [sic] said there is no sample used or enough likeness to Machine Gun to warrant any infringement….or credit.”

Watch the video below and decide for yourself whether The Weeknd should have gotten permission from Portishead:


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